List of vegetarian restaurants

Image by/from Pocoecofem

This is a list of vegetarian and vegan restaurants. Vegetarian cuisine refers to food that meets vegetarian standards by not including meat and animal tissue products. For lacto-ovo vegetarianism (the most common type of vegetarianism in the Western world), eggs and dairy products such as milk and cheese are permitted. For lacto vegetarianism, the earliest known type of vegetarianism (recorded in India), dairy products such as milk and cheese are permitted. The strictest forms of vegetarianism are veganism, raw veganism, and fruitarianism, which exclude all animal products, including dairy products as well as honey, and even some refined sugars if filtered and whitened with bone char.

Cafe Gratitude, San Francisco, California, US

An Annapoorna Gowrishankar location, India

A lunch dish of soup, salad and bread served on stoneware at Food for Thought

The Hard Times Cafe in Minneapolis, Minnesota, US

Loving Hut, San Francisco, US