Go Vegan (political party)

Go Vegan (formerly the Vegan Environmental Party) is a minor animal rights and environmentalist provincial political party in Ontario, Canada.

Go Vegan was founded as the Vegan Environmental Party in preparation for the 2011 Ontario general election.

The party stands for the protection of both animals and people, calling for:

Policy positions unrelated to the environment taken by the party would arguably[according to whom?] place it on the left wing in Ontario politics. The party calls for increased welfare and disability funding to reflect the actual cost of living in Ontario, eliminating tuition fees at Ontario universities, raising the minimum wage in Ontario to reflect cost of living in Ontario, subsidizing affordable housing, increasing funding for public transportation, and eliminating public funding for religious schools. Like many minor political parties, Go Vegan calls for a change in the electoral system from a First past the post to a system involving Proportional representation.

In the 2011 Ontario general election, the Vegan Environmental Party nominated three candidates for the Legislative Assembly of Ontario:

In the 2014 election

In the 2018 election, the party ran two candidates: