About Me

First of all can I welcome you to this site, I really do appreciate you being here.

I ended out being on a plant based diet purely by accident! One evening sitting on my own a bit bored I was looking for something to watch on Netflix and came across the film/documentary The Game Changers and what I watched blew me away.

The film opened me up to a whole new way of thinking about the way the food I was eating was effecting me. You see I was a hard core carnivore who loved nothing better than barbecueing and I always believed meat was a vital part of the diet for getting your protein, but watching this I was discovering what I believed to be true wasn’t.

To further explore this I watched a ouple of other documentaries, Forks over Knives and What The Health and to me it seemed to be quite compelling evidence, so there and then I decided to follow a plant based diet.

What I found when I started eating this way was that I lost weight and had more energy, but I think the thing that struck me the most was I never felt bloated or had a heavy feeling in my stomach after eating a meal anymore and always felt full.

So, that is how my journey started, I haven’t looked back and now I want to help you on yours by giving you the information you need along with food ideas and recomendations to live a healthier lifestyle. So have a good look around andk if you have any questions or suggestions go to the contact page and drop me a line.


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